Beauty is having a pretty mind, heart & soul

Beauty comes from inside out. A beautiful mind radiates a beautiful personality.

When you meet someone who has a beautiful soul, it shines through to the surface and their outward appearance automatically becomes beautiful. If someone is ugly on the inside, their looks fade fast. ~ Diana Harrison 

Keep an open mind. Life is easier to take. Your thoughts shine through and life is so much better with someone special to share it with. ~ Sheri Neydorff 

Everything consist beauty in this world, although it’s not seen clear in each things because beauty is not about outer look it made up of different aspects. Overall beauty can be define as”Quality”. If something has quality it has beauty. ~ Dakota Carolin 

It’s the inside that counts. Beauty comes from the heart and soul of each human being. You can be hideous looking outside, but inside is the key too a beautiful person. ~ Ellen Sarlioglu 


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