Knowing when to walk away is wisdom

Knowing when to walk away is wisdom

It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt sometimes, but you do what you have to do to live in peace and harmony.

Never, ever allow another human being to take away your dignity. People who hate you will try to reduce you to nothing and make you feel worthless and when it’s a member of your own household it can be tough, but our creator knows our pains and the trials we experiences and he values us even when humans sometimes don’t. ~ Millicent Jones 

We forgive the past and take our beautiful lessons we learned from it. That’s when we walk away because we know that the present is more important and the future depends on it. ~ Kimberly Reyes 

Walking away is not ignoring the problem. It can prevent it getting out of hand even further and you know deep down who’s at fault. It might be you, might be them but its wise just to leave it alone. Life has a funny way of rewarding and opening new doors.

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