Limit your time with negative people

Limit your time with negative people

There are three types of people perpetrators, victims and lovers. I understand stay away from negative perpetrators, but what about the victims that are negative people themselves because they have no control over the negativity from the perpetrators, do you think stay away from them to. God loves every last person standing also. We should be there to influence them with our positive energy but in doing so, we should be careful not to get influenced in turn. Indeed people we hang out with a lot affect who we are. ~ Cris Fossey 

Don’t you think the negative people feel alone to, and they need the positive people to help motivate them to better their self confidence to be positive leaders of themselves. ~ Cris Fossey 

There is no such thing as negative people, There are people who for whatever reason , have negative thoughts, or negative out look, maybe some have suffered, had pain, been influenced by others, or become lost somehow , and one day , through love and compassion , or given a little help/guidance along the way, feel love, and see love and think positive again, although I understand in order to stay positive ourselves, it is good to surround ourselves with people of similar mind set, and can have affect on how we feel , with someone maybe struggling, we have to look after ourselves, and have compassion for those who struggle, we all have the ability to change , but its in our minds, and that’s an important message to send out to anyone deemed negative person, you not, your thought are, and that can change, so believe in yourself. ~ Sharon Moir 

Some people choose not to change, you can give all the positivity you have in your heart & they will suck all the joy out of your soul! ~ Sue Fleming 

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