Never leave yourself behind

Never leave yourself behind

If we don’t take care of ourselves, we are no good for others. That is just the plain old truth of it and it’s hard to do, but we must take care of ourselves, too. 

The moment you leave yourself behind is when people start taking you for granted.

You have a huge heart, but there are some things you can’t control or change so look after yourself and don’t let peeps drain you of your energy. ~ Mary Jury

This is something we all need to remember even when it is hard to do. Sometimes there are too many people we are trying to help and we forget that we need a life also. ~ Virginia Hunter 

Help and serve others when you can but don’t sacrifice your own happiness all the time. Love yourself as much as you would love others. ~ Arlene Manas 

It’s all about a good balance between giving and receiving doing more of one than the other is unhealthy the person who feels the need to always give and never to receive must look inside themselves and find the core issue relating to this and the ones who always take without giving are selfish. There’s a clear distinction of being selfless and not caring about yourself you can quite easily attend to the needs of others without neglecting your own. It’s all about what’s right and what’s wrong and a few lessons in time management and organisational skills won’t go astray. If someone asks you for help with something and you have somewhere to go or something to do at that moment, you need to understand that it’s not only ok to say yes of course I will help you but not right now I’m busy I can call you later. It’s not wrong there’s nothing to feel guilty about the fact that you’re willing to help is important and how much you choose to do should be your decision. Many of us are kind and helpful people but we should never have the need to help, we should only want to help when we can hope this helps. ~ Sibel Mordeniz 

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