Never let a person get comfortable disrespecting you

It happens before you even know it and it becomes a HABIT by both of the parties involved, the one giving and the one receiving. It’s very, very hard to learn to stand up for yourself, so if you do, fight with every ounce of your being to NOT let this happen again! ~ Holly Boate 

You teach people how you want to be treated. If you allow them to constantly disrespect you, why should they treat you any better? You have given them no reason to. Lay down the law. Draw the line at what you will and will not tolerate. And if they continue? Cut them off and find people deserving of you. You were not born to simply be used and abused. ~ Nadine Mills 

What you do to others someone will do to you, so if someone is disrespecting you for no apparent reason remember that person have real insecurities and it will be done to him or her eventually. You reap what you sow. You sow a bad seed you reap a bad seed. ~ Jennifer Dotson 


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