People who make you feel like you are hard to Love

People who make you feel like you are hard to Love

Stay away from people who tell you that you are not lovable and difficult.

Even family, if applicable! ~ Cynthia Townsend

It’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves. That means we must make ourselves a priority. We owe it to ourselves. ~ Anne Warby 

Nobody is hard to love. We are just too busy trying to love the wrong people. For some apparent reason we are afraid to take that step to go after the right one for us. Even though they are right there & front of us. We would rather protect ourselves by trying to love what we know we’ll never truly love to protect our hearts. ~ Sheena Weatherston 

If anybody ignore you, leave him alone. If you blame him he will be bigger, so don’t blame him, leave him alone. ~ Naser Nassar 

Those are the ones who find it easiest to find fault in you, rather than look at themselves. They will blame you rather than admit they are emotionally unavailable & unwilling to put forth any effort to love you as you deserve, even when as difficult as they are, you have loved them. ~ Maria Aguero

Love should be unconditional or it is not love at all. No one can prove the emotion that is there even when it shouldn’t be. No money can buy it and if someone puts that value on it. Run even if it is still in your heart. It is valuable and no one can put a price on it. ~ Judith Long 

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