Someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you

Someone who doesn't feel lucky to have you

Never lose yourself while trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t care about losing you.

If you are in love with someone, you obviously got there because you once had something of substance and of value. Even if the person no longer wants you and is no longer in love with you, it is as loss no matter how you slice it. The death of a relationship that once was special in your heart is something to mourn and grieve. Even if it’s a bad relationship, you still have to have to go through a process of being hurt and letting go. In the long run, the loss is a positive one, but at the time, it’s a loss. (Loss as in something we have to let go of) ~ Brigitte Nicole

If people are happy without you, don’t disturb them. It’s the end!

Liars don’t deserve second chances.

Focusing on those who make little or no effort to be in your life is draining and really puts a damper on your spirit. I find acceptance and focusing on the many great, authentic people who do make me a priority brings about peace in my life and mind. It stops the cycle of those nagging, obsessive thoughts! ~ Laura Oniszczak 

Never make anyone a priority who treats you only as an option. You can be mutual options perhaps, but never sole priorities. Not with that type of person. It’s the difference between short term fluff and long term lasting relationships. There’s a time and a season for both. Make sure that you are both living in the same season. ~ Anne McDougle 

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