When you come across someone who is rude to you?

When someone is rude to you

Don’t let bullies and rude people take away your spirit and your shining smile.

Just remember silence is golden!

I’m a waitress and when someone rude to me I kill them with kindness you should try it. It works and I love it because most of them are nice to you before they leave and some other people are watching you so they know not to piss you off. ~ Lisa Krieser 

There are some evil people in this world who are so miserable and have no life that they try to tear down the good people in this world. Do not let the evil ones still your joy. ~ Carol Murray 

A smile can take you away your miseries. Smile makes your day brighter and bounce back goodness. Keep smiling and tear someone’s sadness away. ~ Ciel Garfield 

Don’t let them draw you in to their negativity. There are over 7 billion people in the world so don’t let one person ruin your day. Not your circus, not your monkeys! ~ Paul Grubb 

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