Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles

Worrying doesn't take away tomorrow's troubles

This is always an ongoing battle for me, but I have to say to myself every day worrying about something is not going to change the outcome. ~ Natalie Yacyk 

Don’t confuse worrying with the normal trying to find an answer to a problem. Remember God helps those who help themselves. Finding answers is helping yourself. Also as soon as that negative thought pops into your head and worrying is negative thoughts, aloud say to yourself “stop it” and replace it with a positive thought on the thing you’re worrying about, even if you at the time you don’t think it’s true. This trains your brain to think positive thoughts and eventually your brain will automatically think in positives. It takes a conscience effort for awhile but just keep doing it and it become as natural to think positive thoughts as it is natural to you know to worry. ~ Judy Overall 

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