Everything can change so quickly

Everything can change so quickly

Your life can change in a moment without notice. My family, my husband and I, have been hit with a very tragic issue. My husband has been doing some “crazy” things for the past year and we blew it off as being sleepy or just getting mixed up. However, it is believed, not yet stamped in stone, that my husband has dementia. Those “crazy” little things he used to do have turned into him having a 30 min. Conversation with someone who isn’t there or me waking up catching him putting his shoes on at 4:00 am to go to the bank and it’s really scary. Paramedics and his primary doctor have said it is most likely dementia but waiting on the neurologist to confirm or deny that diagnosis seems to be taking forever. We don’t know how much time we have to visit relatives, get the last bit of remodeling done one the home, taking a vacation, and many other things cause we don’t know when his last day of knowing what’s going on or even who I am could be. It’s one of the saddest things to sit and watch that I have been through since the death of my Mom. I just know that we have to decide what chance is most important and take it from there, doing the most important to the least important. I know this post meant that we should take that chance before we die but in a sense dementia is a living death. Right now he still has days that he is perfectly normal so I pray that something else is going on, something that can be treated. If so this will certainly be taken as a huge lesson, that we may have needed this to happen so we could learn, that we will learn from and treat as a huge blessing. ~ Sonia Sandlin 

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