Be careful! Not all are what they seem

I met a person who looks so sweet and beautiful. Always smile and seem like to hug everyone but the more I know that person and once I look into the eyes. Watching the smiles always appear on that person face. Well I know someone just have a very good cover. I learn and I just keep the distance from that person. That’s it! ~ Esmeralda Daniella 

Another gift from God is the gift of discernment. If you are worthy, and in tune with the spirit, you can tell those people who deceive, people who pretend, people who have bad intentions. ~ Purificacion Feliciano 

I always tread carefully when I meet new people, I am more cautious to people who are too obliging at first meeting, I always think they’re too good to be true and 9x out of 10 I am right. Good friends are like finding a needle in a hay stock, therefore, treasure the good friends you have got as true good friends are hard to come by. ~ Ella lagasca


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