Never forget who was there for you when no one else was

Never forget who was there for you when no one else was

How can I forget who was there for me when I can remember who weren’t there. ~ Zi Ali Wike

People have the tendency to forget people who were there for them and hold on to the sad memories of the past. Sometimes the good people do is taking as a matter of course and that is why we need to be consciously conscious to be grateful and not take the good people in our lives for granted. ~ Anne Analy 

Everyone ends up alone but you will never forget ones that were there at your worst. I cannot tell you enough about all of this, but mostly sisters make best friends, that’s beyond words for me. ~ Masayo Akamine 

I never will, it was always God and thanks to be to God, for never giving up on me and for showing me a wonderful new life and a wonderful family and friends that I am so blessed to have, and I know it was God whom brought them all into my life. I am so grateful and blessed, thank you God for loving and saving me. ~ Carla Simmons

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