If you want your life to be different

Ever since I’ve gained this mysterious overflowing of positivity when all my life I’ve been miserable,depressed and negative I’ve been noticing that now when I dont think negative,creating solutions of what could go wrong,preparing myself mentally and now blocking out all negativity from those wanting to put me back in that miserable place…that not only everything has been going right but its like you always wake to nothing but beautiful days.

You just live life and everything is bright.I still question and try to figure out how half my life was never like that then one day it just…stopped and I was instead filled with nothing but positively like its had its fill or something.

I remember saying I’m tired of losing despite my attempts working harder, smarter than everyone else as if I’m cursed or something,I’m tired of being miserable and miserable and depressed.

What do you want from me?.
Why do you curse me?.just kill me already.All I ever wanted is to be free,be,happy,live life.that’s it,I help people always when I can yet I can never win at anything no matter what I do
I just want to be freakin happy!!!!

I don’t care if I lose anymore or what people think,I just want to be me,live my life.Is that so much to ask?!.

All of a sudden I felt something overflowing and I started laughing feeling happy.To this day I still can’t explain it.Its like something answered my cry for happiness.

I notice when you block out negativity all of it and focus on positivity preparing what may go wrong.Everything at last finally starts going right and gets brighter.

Even more its so empowering you can put that same power of positivity into people who are in a dark place.Depressed or feeling miserable.It becomes this type of bright warm light that brings them out of the dark and I love that!

I still look back trying to figure out what exactly happened,how it happened,who answered and filled me with this light when I was always in the dark seeking the light I could never have yet it was like something woke up.

Jason Aguero

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