If people care about you, they’ll show it

If people care about you, they'll show it

If someone does care they will show it no matter what, may be in different ways because everyone is different in their own ways, but don’t be afraid to express and show them how you feel. Doesn’t matter who is the first one to call or say some thing. As long as there is some thing there it will not stop some one from calling/texting first. Don’t be afraid to call or text first but also don’t be afraid for them to call or text you first too because if they do really care and miss you they will call or text you. Just don’t wait too long to call or text them! ~ Kenny Lear 

It’s not hard to do, it’s a matter of people getting out of their bubbles. “I’m busy” is not an excuse. We are all busy. If someone matters, you make time, or make room for someone else because people who know their worth do not stick around to see if someone notices them. Neglect causes so much damage and it’s the nicest people that are used most. ~ Shalena Gill 

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