If someone is thoughtless enough to walk away from you

If someone is thoughtless enough to walk away from you

If someone wants to walk out on you they aren’t worth having in your life,and don’t make the mistake of letting them back.

I tried to make him love me, but I was only hurting myself. After over 20 years together it was the hardest thing letting him ago, but deep down I knew it was the right decision. I didn’t deserve all the lies and cheating. Trying to hold on to someone you still love who doesn’t love you back destroys you. It’s been 3 years since, I’m divorced now and finally moving on properly, although I have my moments. For me being friends never worked, he had changed so much to the point that all those years seemed to count for nothing. But I’ve survived and hope one day to find love. ~ Sharon Harney 

Sometimes you have no choice and must let go for your own sanity. Moving on is hard but believe me you deserve the happiness that is ahead. Until you can move on that is not available to you. I know this from experience. I was “stuck” for a while. Now many years later my life is and has been good and I am very happy. ~ Gloria Fleming 


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