Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend

Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend

Never regret, these are lessons we all humans have to learn. Life is not a soft journey, it’s hard at times, yet wonderful and beautiful too. Put the past in a box, label it, paste and stuck in away in a place where you won’t trip over it in the future. Accept that what’s done can not be undone. But, your future is still undiscovered and what’s more if you try to be happy with aspects of your life will enrich your life. Happiness is a choice sometimes you just stop regretting and start living. I choose happiness and optimism. I always say if you feel pissed off smile and even if the smile is not true, after a time you will come to not recognize that you are really smiling, for real. ~ Kelly Jones 

When you go through many struggles through your life and are forced to spend a lot of time alone you learn to become your own best friend. If the people you are telling your problems to are pretending to be your friend, running their mouth behind your back , talking about you maliciously and others are believing them they will soon be their next target. You can’t focus on back stabbers and the ones that actually listen to them. Back stabbers just want to excommunicate you so they will look better and be top dog and the ones believing the hype are obviously a match made in heaven with people like this. Anyone with a little bit of common sense would understand he said she said crap is always for malicious intent and exaggerated beyond belief to make the listener stay Enthralled. Believe in God, stay honest, focused on what is in front of you and work hard and eventually things will work out. ~ Jenn Truesdell 

Never go back to your old lover it’s like reading same book twice, which ends same and don’t try to explain yourself to anyone, person who know you don’t need your explanations, person who hates you never believes on you. It’s never too late to understand some people. It take time but at the end you see true colors behind masks. ~ Alisha Asrani 

Enemy is better than wicked friend. Never trust more anybody. Today they may be your trusted friend but may show it’s true color tomorrow and may harm you. So keep your safety in mind. ~ Chandrakant Badiani 

Karma catches those who betray others, have peace of mind in your own life knowing you have done the pure and right thing.

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