Secrets & lies kill relationships

Secrets & lies kill relationships

If we have to keep secrets and lie in a relationship then we shouldn’t be in a relationship. We should have the courage and the strength to let that other person go instead of putting them through that kind of betrayal. Although, if someone is keeping secrets and lying then they really don’t have any strength and courage, so they deserve to be caught. ~ Challenge Genie 

What’s sad is when one person destroys the relationship because they have found someone else who makes them “happy”

Truth: happiness is a choice we each make inside ourselves everyday. If you can’t be happy alone, you’ll never be happy with anyone else. That’s why some people have the attitude and personality with which they can never be pleased. They go through life miserable, and often drag other people down with their drama.

~ Nancy Barriger 

If you truly love someone, there are no secrets and no reason to lie. You take joy in the others accomplishments and happiness, and share yours with them. ~ Thomas Vorderer 


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