Strong people will just walk away if they feel unwanted

To know when to walk away is the best in a situation that is escalating and has no end to it. Staying and trying to “fix”the unfix-able, is a waste of your time and energy. ~ Stephanie Cunningham 

We are strong because we try before giving up, but sometimes things just can’t be fixed and then we are stronger when we are able to walk away. The hard part is when knowing it’s time! ~ Tammy Burke 

Strong people are never easily willing to give up but when the object of our efforts gives up we start to feel there is nothing left to fight for and so we have to dig deep to admit defeat and walk away and it is the most excruciating decision we ever have to make because everything inside us says don’t but we do because we must if we are to survive. ~ Erica Dawn

Relationships are about balance. One person can’t be putting in all the effort and trying on their own. It does take tremendous strength to walk away from someone you love who is hurting you or who isn’t putting in any effort. Realizing your worth and value and not settling for less than you deserve can be hard to do. For those who have posted negative responses, perhaps you haven’t truly experienced the pain of having to let go of someone you love deeply and allowed yourself time to feel all the emotions that follow. ~ Sabrina Bradley 


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