We fight to hold on & we fight to let go

One of the hardest lessons in life

True love is unconditional. I see no need to ever let go of that if you truly love someone. Letting go is an act of love. When you love someone you never hinder them or try to control them. It’s a purely selfless act. ~ Nick Griffin 
If the one you love is not responding, then let them go, but don’t try to control or hinder them, by making yourself believe that time will make them come around. You are a stronger and better person than to act that way. ~ Elena de la Torre 
Feeling like letting go is not a choice but a requirement. It seems the choice is being made for me. ~ Melanie Kramer 
Letting go is easy unless it’s a loved ones life. Change is always good except when it’s empty from a love ones death. There should be no fight to let go or hang on, only in death. There should be no question on anything else because if there is something is terribly wrong. ~ Mary Fanella 
It is hard to forget and forgive a hurt and when you have a need of security for security’s sake, then, it becomes even harder to let go of past hurts and disappointments. Set your daily goal to forgive the past hurts and start building better memories in the present and future by visualizing that the weight of these sorrows are and have been lifted through and by the God for all, then write down your goals for each day and work so hard that you don’t think about the past hurts and gradually you will begin to forget them. ~ Mike Taylor 

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