When you care too much about everything

When you care too much about everything

I suffer from anxiety and depression with great days and terrible days. On the bad days all I want to do is sleep. People need to take this disorder seriously and not tell you just to snap out of it. ~ Coreen Casamassina 

Anxiety for me is being scared of everything and my depression is the voice saying “can’t do anything about it” so let’s stay home. ~ BJ Adle 

There is no snapping out of depression or anxiety. I have been battles this all my life and runs in my family. The best thing to do is try to understand and be patient with the person. Pray for them as well. Be supportive instead of criticizing and don’t judge. Not everyone can handle situations you can. ~ Lisanne Cruz 

Anxiety is living (thinking) of the future, depression is living (thinking) of the past. Live in the moment, make it through that moment, no worries of the past or future. Mindfulness, what are you experiencing that moment. ~ Taylor Jackson 

Anxiety and depression can be avoided if some people out there would have a heart and stop their foolishness. These can be remedied if people would be nice and understanding enough to others and not push themselves in order to get what they want. ~ Evelyn Estipona 

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