When you’ve done something wrong

When you've done something wrong

It is impossible to like or respect anyone who can’t admit to mistakes or apologize for them. ~ Lynne Willemsvandyk 

I swallowed my pride most of the time and i’m still alive. ~ Rosalie Ligaya 

If you do not know someone’s mind, listen to their words. If you do not know their heart, watch their action. 

No one should ever be too proud or arrogant to admit their mistakes. We are all human who will one day be in the grave regardless of what socioeconomic status one has. Making mistakes is part of being human. ~ Najwa Bakier 

Some people don’t see their mistakes, rudeness or wrong doings, they are called sociopaths. They keep hurting you over & over again, until you have to stop it and say enough is enough, it’s over! ~ John Bruce

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