You are responsible for your life

You are responsible for your life

People blame because they are quick to react. They immediately go into victim mentality because they don’t know how to take responsibility for how they feel or hold themselves accountable for their behavior. Many of us also don’t know how to leave things alone or let it go, instead we end up justifying the injustice done to us, making ourselves be a victim twice over. There are some situations that it may seem justice needs to prevail, but learning to forgive & to have compassion is relevant for your own peace of mind & well-being. It is how you perceive yourself in the situation. It’s how you understand yourself & who you want to become. At the end of the day, it’s your reality to create. It doesn’t have to be as bad as your victim mentality makes it out to be. With a compassionate heart & an open mind, you can create a life free from fear, resentment & bitterness. It’s how you take charge of your own life! ~ Nikka Rose 
Take ownership for your action. Dwell on how to control your future not control your past. Learn from it but do not burn your bridges because you may need to cross that path again. Don’t knock down something good, knock down what is bad. ~ Nathan Mercado 

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