A Box full of Darkness

A Box full of Darkness

Without a little darkness you won’t be able to truly appreciate the light. ~ Jennifer Vasallo 

In life you can go through hardships with someone and in the end be full of bitterness and resentments (darkness) but buried deep inside this box is a wealth of insight, compassion, forgiveness sand self-awareness. When you dig deeply enough to reach this layer, you’ve found the real buried treasure, the true gift that’s hidden in the darkness. You end up being a better person because of it. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Box full of darkness means a time full of trials and problems but time will come that this darkness will help you become better person, teaches you many lessons of life to have a better future. ~ Rona Peñaranda 

I had to choose between revenge or love. My desire to please God meant I chose to bless those who cursed me. I did this through praying for the person when I felt incredibly angry with them and now after all of these years I am free from that person and I have learnt how to deal with difficult people. ~ Glenny Russ 

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