Don’t underestimate someone because he is quiet

Don't underestimate someone because he is quiet

The ones who tend to listen (quiet) more receive more information VS the ones who talk too much.
People always think quiet people are either stupid or stuck up, but most times, we just think a lot. ~ Valerie Farrell 
Just because I am quiet doesn’t mean I am ignorant or don’t have something to say. Sometimes you need to hold your tongue, because speaking the truth to ignorance, usually doesn’t that it! Silence can be golden! Thinking and pray does more then you could do yourself! ~ Darlene Nelson 
Quiet people are far from ignorant. It’s so amazing when you just observe and just be still what the amazement of there actions will show you. Silence is very intimidating and not being able to know the one unknown creates fear. People are so often afraid of what they do not know. So they make false judgments based on what they do not know this is IGNORANCE. ~ Shelley Hart 
I have a daughter like that. She is very sweet, gentle, kind, quiet and considerate. Doesn’t talk a lot, but what she says, always makes sense. It is unfortunate people are so quick to judge those that don’t always speak all the time. ~ Jude Anderson 
Talkative individuals are the most fake and two-faced. While us quiet introverts are more real and loyal friends. Not fake. ~ Jennifer Dominguez

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