Forgive others because you deserve peace

Forgive others because you deserve peace

Although it’s not that easy to forgive and forget but it’s not healthy either to hang on and lingers on hate, bitterness & grudge, it’s more stress free to forgive and start moving on in life for the sake of peace of mind. ~ Bilu Intan 

I forgive them to get peace, but I don’t forget them so I don’t get peace. Better punish them & eliminate from your life to get peace for ever. ~ Akshay Parikh

Forgiveness not only gives us a kind of satisfaction but it also gives you such a great thinking what everyone should have, so become a person ready to forgive others. The day you start doing this, you would feel a real happiness. ~ Swati Sachan 

I need to learn this lesson, because I need peace, I want peace, I’m no where near perfect, but I’m taking steps that I’ve never taken before in the name of forgiveness. May God give me strength. I’m to forgive and I also have asked to be forgiven. The rest to up to my Father in heaven. ~ Rondalisa Tate 

No sense in carrying grudges, they just weigh you down and give satisfaction to those who have caused you grief. Forgiving lets you put things behind you and enjoy life. ~ Linda Locke 

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