Those people who betrayed you in life

Those people who betrayed you in life

That’s why people with good hearts get hurt so much. They believe so much in everyone. ~ Tammy Epping 

I had much rather be that person that sees the good in others. All are born with a goodness, an ability to love and have compassion. What life does to change what we are innately born to give and receive is a result of man’s ability to succeed in destroying one another’s self esteem, ability to love and to trust, but only if we allow it. I would rather love and be hurt than to not ever have that feeling. Loving another, feeling loved, being loved. There is no greater joy and being betrayed is no greater pain. To be able to feel is a precious gift. ~ Lynda Reeves 

Sometimes the pain takes a while to go especially when it was someone very close, but time does heal wounds and what we loose gets replaced with something better. Always does! ~ Fatima Loughlin 

People with good hearts are “magnets” for deceptive, opportunistic manipulators and the good hearts don’t see it coming because of the psychological concept of “projection”. They attribute their own good intentions to others. They “assume” everyone is as nice and honest as they are. They literally can’t “see” the bad until it bites them. ~ Lora Iftikhar 

Sometimes that is the only way to see it. Good people find bad ones and sometimes it’s for them to learn, sometimes you, and sometimes both then you get stronger and finally, when ready, you meet the right person for you, for if we did not go through the bad times we would not appreciate the good. It all works out in the end. ~ Maggie Atkinson 

It’s not your fault to have a good heart because that’s what you are, a “good person”, if the person who betrayed you don’t see the beauty and goodness within you, that’s their problem. ~ Josephine Yap 

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