If someone makes you miserable

If someone makes you miserable

In case of giving up on someone harmful to our well-being, it is love for ourselves that makes us let them go.

You should always put yourself at first. Sometimes, we need to love people from distance. Letting go can be challenging but it is also part of the love. ~ Mai Hatanaka 

If someone makes you miserable, take time to dissect the “love” you have for them. I found with me, it was everything but love. Why I stayed so long, I blamed love, but it wasn’t. I just made excuses because I wanted to hold on. But I was the only one that was miserable. He was happy as a lark. But once I filed for divorce, I became the happy lark, and he became the miserable soul. Today, I am in the process of buying me a brand new house. I left everything with him. I wanted to carry no memories of him with me. ~ Bridgett Peoples 

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