If you love someone, tell them

If you love someone, tell them

The saddest of tears shed are those over words left unsaid & deeds left undone. ~ Debby De Marco 
Saying I love you is nothing without the actions backing them up. They’re just words. Say it. Speak it. Show it! ~ Mie Paige 
If the one you love is not available to you, if they are committed to someone else, spare yourself the pain of romantically loving them. See if you can find it within yourself to love them as a friend. Let your caring actions speak for themselves. After some time has passed, if you find that you cannot love them as a friend, love yourself enough to let that person go. ~ Melinda Balasa 
We must learn to take the pain with the joy, the bad with the good. The lessons learned and let go, forgive, and be the best we can be. Most of us have had our hearts broken, learn to love yourself & be able to say that you love yourself. Tell your kids, your family that you love them, love isn’t always romantic love & we love people in different ways. When you are truly ready, romantic love will find you or you will find it. Don’t be afraid of showing anyone your love for them. We only have one shot at this thing called life, make it good. ~ Crystal Silver 
When you love them it comes out naturally. Even if it ends and your broken, there are no regrets because you’ve told them. Regret only comes if you missed that chance to tell somebody. I have no regret. ~ David Morgan 
People often get the word love and lust mixed up, to love someone you well stand by them, love takes work, lust is just emotions gone wild, when you love someone and open your heart and connect with someone it’s amazing feeling, if people would be devoted to the person for who they are and not what they have or look like there would not be such things as divorce and break up of family’s. ~ Morgan Murley 

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