No one really knows what you have been through

No one really knows what you have been through

There are always two sides to every story, if you only hear one side then you don’t know anything.

People put their opinion forward without knowing all the facts. I hate it when people try to tell you how you felt, when they have no idea. ~ Karen Southern 

It amazes me how some people like to think they know your business better than you do and then feel they are in a position to judge you. Gossipers! That’s what these people are and they are severely un-informed to begin with. (No time for these people) ~ Leonie Hourani 

You have 3 versions of the truth your own the other persons and the actual truth.

No matter how long or in what circumstances others have known one, I have never understood how they can feel comfortable in saying and acting as if their opinions are more important and/or correct than those of the person they are judging. I know, I’ve been on the receiving end. It hurts! ~ Kathleen Loman 

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