Let go & give yourself a better chance

Let go & give yourself a better chance

Why do these things have to be mutually exclusive? People make mistakes. Sometimes second chances turn out to be best decision ever. This is way too ‘black and white” for me. There is plenty of grey area. Follow your gut instinct. If it says let go, then let go. If it says hold on, then hold on. Your gut can tell you what is the best decision. ~ Jessica King
To give another change or let go, we must choose to forgive first.
When we forgive, a huge weight is lifted from our shoulders! It doesn’t mean we forget; it means we can rest easier and enjoy our lives. ~ Larry Chalfant Sr. 
First you must forgive, then you can decide on the rest because some situations and people need a second chance, including yourself. May be some one would have given you a second chance at some point. It could have been your parents, a boss, a relative, a spouse/partner etc.. and that could be why you are where you are today. Like someone said below, there are no black and white but mostly grey. ~ Ruvani De Alwis 

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