Make time for people who make you feel extra special

Make time for people who make you feel extra special

Always! Forget the ones who make you feel small. ~ Meagan Cashmore 

If you give someone that extra special place & he don’t care & keep talking rubbish about you, that is the right time to move on without wasting time & energy. I don’t trust sugar coated words of bitter hearted people anymore. ~ Geetu Pahuja 

These are the only kind of people I will make time for. I only get this one life. I got to make all the special people in it count. Amen to those who appreciate me. ~ Crystal Wade 

Those are the people you need to be with always, cherish their company, its difficult to find people who are there for you all the time, so hold onto those lovely people, they are hard to find these days. ~ Maureen Alphonsus 

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