No matter how educated, rich or cool you believe you are

No matter how educated, rich or cool you believe you are

It has to come from the heart and soul, not just a show for the benefit of others. 

We are our actions. When these actions align with a true self (the Soul) we can serve the greater good. 

People who are highly qualified and working in a reputed firms does not know how to behave with the customers this is what we do see in our day to day life. No matter how much educated nor talented you are the first thing each and every person should know is how to go through any tough situations whichever comes in your way. When we work in a firm we should always be cool, short tempered should never be brought inside you which at times finishes your entire carrier, we should give and take respect which is more important in a carrier so each and every person will definitely achieve their heights. If a person is rich I feel he should respect every body, he or she should never forget the path through which he or she has come and has achieved to reach this position which he or she has build with great difficulty in his future. Regarding honesty I mean integrity this is what each and every person should have with in their life which ever firm let us say he or she is working. Honesty is the best policy which a good human being should have in this world and will be respected by each and every person which I feel is more important in day to day life. ~ Anitha Nair 

Be kind to one another. We all come into this world the same and leave the same. Get off your high horse if your not nice! God bless those who are kind to others. ~ Kathleen Floyd 

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