Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t

Stop hating yourself for everything you aren't

Our fates are within our own hands. Put fire into your hearts with burning desire to overcome or extinguish your hope with doubt. ~ Mistah Haza

Try meditation or smoke bit of weed sit back and let your inner voice tell you everything you need to know. ~ Kirsty Roberts 

Life’s no competition it’s just being number one to yourself so you can share your beauty and love extinguishing hate one message at a time. Everything thing you want is fogging your judgment and helping you forget the appreciation for what you already have. The doubt you feel plants seeds of insecurity within your soul. Have no doubt just appreciate all the gifts you’ve been given. Don’t focus on anything that’s wrong in your own eyes. You are the perfect you. That no one can ever take the place of. ~ Mistah Haza

You have to love yourself before anyone else loves you.

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