We are all deserving of new beginnings

We are all deserving of new beginnings

Lifting others up, help others to take a step forward. Be kind to one another!
We decided to come here to experience life for what it was meant for, joy and happiness. However it is the contrast of how we view life from the conditions we place upon ourselves and others that makes all the difference. If we see life in the unconditional loving way in which we were created and all come from then we live joyful and happy lives. However if we see and focus on life as being negative then that is how it is. We all have the choice to see life in whichever way we chose to see and experience it. We are all the creators of our own realities and no one else is responsible for that but us as individuals. It is a choice. Positive and unconditionally loving or negative. Either or when we transition back from that which we all came from which is unconditional love it is then we will understand, just like those before us. Our existence continues on for eternity, there is no death. ~ Cheryl Seifstein 
Moving forward is the priority to lead a peaceful and meaningful life.

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