When you know you are doing well?

When you know you are doing well

I will continue to look back, but with less angst and concern. It is a lesson, a necessary part of the journey, and I look forward to a bigger and better future each day. ~ Stephanie Collins 

Doing well = wonderful life + moved on

You are doing well when even if you talk about it, it no longer makes you feel all the emotions and pain but gratitude that you have come out of that hell hole and realizing you are stronger today because you have lived to tell the tale. ~ Sheila Montecalvo 

Never look back, except to reinforce the lesson. It’s useless self-bashing. It accomplishes nothing. I am at a good place, but I am impatient. Set the goals, keep the faith, maintain the hope, and with pure determination let no one or anything defeat your purpose. ~ Bob Wetmore 

Acknowledge your accomplishments, be grateful for what you have learned and look forward to what’s in front of you or for what’s still to come. ~ Cecilia Ferreira 

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