When you learn who truly cares for you

When you learn who truly cares for you

Low expectation is the solution. Don’t look for someone to care for you. You care for your own self.

Bare in mind that love is a two way traffic. Do not expect to be loved if you do not know it’s real meaning. As you can’t perform to your level best what you do not know. ~ Kennedy Omondi 

Hard times do reveal true friends and also those who just want to “Know the Scoop!” and never call or stop by to talk to you. I’ll keep my true besties any day. Relax though, If they don’t know what’s going on there is a reason for that. Peace! ~ Terry Jackson 

You must love yourself and know how to live by yourself and survive; before you can do that for others. God will provide; but we must reciprocate and give back too. ~ Jennifer Falk 

The key though is to love yourself first whether it’s rainy or sunny. Once you accept you then everything else flows in your life. Peace and love are also important within ‘you’. ~ Orphelia Burnes 

In order for me to have a great day today I had to change it around to. I can love anyone when the sun is shining, but when the storms are going on for them do I have have The patients and compassion to be there for them, as they need me too. ~ Jim Long 

Real friends stay in time of trouble. In time of need they stick with in spite things are not favorable to them, still they chose to stay. ~ Lolit Deato 

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