When you start seeing your worth

When you start seeing your worth

When we can look inside ourselves and realize what’s there, transformation can happen on a profound level. ~ Kraig Whitesel 

Later, you’ll see more of the worth in other people. For some people, not recognizing their own worth prevents them from seeing it in others. ~ Ruth Franke

I had to go through a process and being alone all along in hopes time would heal some wounds create by myself and partner. I now find myself taking care of me and knowing I am worth more than having to wait. More than being judged by the very people we waited for. YOU ARE WORTH IT! ~ Mark Skaggs 

I always say to know your worth & find someone who values it. Never settle for less of what you truly deserve. 

We must all realize that we are who we feel we are. That goes for our thoughts of others and when you meet someone who does not respect themselves then you must do it for them. ~ Carole Butler 

Sometimes only you can see your self worth and there are people that don’t see you for who you are and what you are those are the people but you really don’t need to be around to put you down you need to feel sorry for those people because they don’t even realize what you’re missing. ~ Ellen Sands 

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