Why most relationships fail?

Why most relationships fail?

Enjoy and respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Smile and laugh with each other!

Just enjoy the day with your loved ones, treasure it and enjoy it!

We all make mistakes. The difference is malicious intent. I prefer to support not bring down anyone. I will always be faithful to the ones I truly love. ~ Leslie Kiger 

If you can work it out, work it out. If you can’t, that means finger pointing will not do the wonders as well, and it’s just adding up grudges and spoiling relationship. ~ Jady Goh 

When you point your finger at another remember there is always three pointing back at yourself! Lack of -communication is what destroys more relationships than anything else. ~ Shirley Rogers 

Never find fault in the person you love, compliment them on the good they do. Positiveness is saver of a great relationship between two people in love lift them up instead of stomping them know one here is perfect. ~ John Napier 

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