You can only choose to accept people or walk away

You can only choose to accept people or walk away

Don’t be afraid to walk away from people that are not good for your life. Just because you’re a good person does not mean that you can throw your standards under the bus. Stand up for your happiness! ~ Ashley Graham 
This requires courage, emotional maturity and awareness furthermore, all relationships and interactions with others is a chance to get to know one’s self better. Consciously choosing what’s right and healthy is usually never easy however, always works out for the best. Whilst some grasp and embrace this concept early in life, others live and die never having done so for we all evolve at our own individual pace. Here’s to healthier relationships with yourselves and those around you. ~ Leni Ester 
No matter if they are family, friends, or just someone you thought you knew, if they are not ‘healthy’ for you and your immediate family, it is better to respect yourself, accept the way they are and to know when to shout “enough is enough!” Some people are just toxic to a loving and healthy lifestyle and there is never a reason to allow them to bring you down, regardless of their relation. If you have anxiety or an ache in the pit of your being, just by hearing their name or knowing you will see them soon, that is your gut trying to tell you “this person is not good for you! Run!”. Listen to your gut, that is one thing you can always trust! Walking away is never easy but staying is usually worse! More often than not, you won’t miss them from your life anyway. ~ Lorelei Collins 

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