Accept what is & let go of what was

Accept what is & let go of what was

Just do it! Tomorrow does not matter. Tomorrow has not happened, all you have is right now, have good thoughts and good things will happen. ~ Barbara Close 

When you sit and quiet your mind it helps you strengthen yourself and it is true what you believe is what will be. I am a person that knows. I have been through storms and I have come out better than ever. Trust in God. Believe and you shall receive. You are worthy and you deserve only the best. ~ Michele Calderon 

Don’t accept what is if it is not good; do not let go of what was if it was good; only have faith in what God will do. Just let go of everything which is not of God and take hold of everything which is yours. ~ John Burnham 

God does not guarantee us tomorrow and yesterday is gone. All we have is today so we should make the best of it.

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