If someone wants to be part of your life

It’s amazing how people forget about you after all you’ve done for them. As they say once their need for you is gone, they just don’t bother with you anymore. Very sad to say some of my closest friends disappeared just when I needed them most, but life goes on! ~ Petrea George

Sometimes people change and they just do not have the desire to socialise as much as they used to. Me being one of those people. It’s nothing personal to anyone I know, it’s just where I’m at right now, so my point is that sometimes there really isn’t any blame, it’s just life and it’s many cycles. ~ Rachel Chandler

If you love someone deeply no distance are too far to reach each other!

So many people only think of themselves and aren’t sensitive or even considerate of other’s feelings. “Never make someone a priority when they only consider you an option!”

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