Never lie with anyone

Never lie with anyone

Lies hurt people no matter how big or small. ~ Claire Bradbury 

Never trust someone that lies to you and never lie to someone that trust you. ~ Sharief Bhiekharie 

Once you lie you need a lie to cover the lie you forgot initially and eventually its a bunch of lies versus just being honest and fair to the other person. ~ Jerry Kestel 

Sometimes the people we trust most can be the one who can hurt us most. They think that after admitting that they lied we can easily forget and forgive. Things can’t go back in a snap the way it is before just because they admit it. It takes time! ~ Ranle Cassy 

Why is it that some people are such a big liars? I keep telling people that, “‘I’m rather hurt by the truth, than being pampered by the lie.” Sooner or later this pampered lie is going to be a hurtful truth anyways. I hate lying and liars. ~ Unknown

People lie to make themselves feel better for their wrong doings and when they know they are doing wrong they can’t be honest and when they keep saying lies they don’t know the truth to a lie because they forget how to be honest. ~ Cerise Nikmanesh 

You lie and you cover it up with another one and another one and it never ends. Speak the truth, at the end of the day, that’s the only thing you have to remember. ~ Gayathri Ram 

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