Some people want a big house & lots of money

Contentment and happiness come from within, and are your own personal choice each and every day. It has nothing to do with things or even places, although nature in the high country is pretty amazing & peaceful. As close to heaven as it gets. ~ Phyllis Maks 

That place called:”Peace”… It’s priceless… And wonderful…A soothing – simple place… A place where you can just be… No striving… No image… Just be… Just enjoy… Just live… Ahhh… ~ André Barnard

 I just want to have inner peace and harmony within myself, no matter where I’m at. The surroundings are just an extra, I can live either way as long as I’m content within. ~ Ana Resdz

Material things in this is not important but cleanliness of our soul most ever important in our life. ~ Maria Abarquez 


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