Sometimes people think they know you well

Sometimes people think they know you well

Sometimes people get a few tidbits of information & think they know all. Sometimes we have to walk a mile in someone else shoes before we can judge. We all can learn from this. ~ Donna Jepson 
It is worse when people “think” they know a few things about you and they were wrongly informed as these things are not true or, they do not know the entire situation which would completely alter their perspective on the few facts they believe they know of you. Either way, they have no clue who you really are and if they voice their opinion of these false beliefs to enough people then others will blindly listen, too. ~ Michele Zarro 
When we talk or reveal too much about ourselves on or offline, people can take and weave the information as if it is our life even when we are just citing examples gathered from other peoples experiences. We all have to be tactful and on guard always and stop immediately those who are into destroying your image and self-respect. Have the dignity to stand tall and up to your advantage. No one will ever do that for you but you! ~ Erlinda Colclough 
When someone just judging you in their first impression of you without knowing you at knowing you at all, or like judging the book as in the cover, you have to know someone for a long time or sometimes a little bit of time, before people can judge the true you. ~ Violeta Thies 


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