The right man will love all the things about you

The right man will love all the things about you

When I found the one person that I hoped would love me as a life partner I sent him the photo of me I thought was the most ugly, a list of traits I thought were my worst, the reasons why I though I was not lovable, I exposed my inner self-doubt and fears, all before we met for the first time, and he relied,” It is the very you that I want to love, that I will come to love and in each other we will find our truer selves.” It’s hard to be so exposed, yet is this not the love we want, need, cry for at night, the love of the one who, more than accepts me, but loves me as I see myself and as I hope to become in him? Love is very hard, but it is the true hard work of living life. ~ Vincent Migliore 

Hair loss, bad looks, ordinary clothes, no style, etc won’t matter to them because beauty lies in their eyes. ~ Akshay Kallychurn 

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