Woman! You don’t need to dress half naked

Woman! You don't need to dress half naked

A shout to all the smart women who dress with class because they don’t have to be half naked to get a man to like her.

If the people who dress trashy were completely honest with themselves it’s about getting attention from anyone. We are all missing the attention we naturally yearn for and so we have been taught by society an unfortunate behavior that to get that attention is to dress for getting it. Unfortunately, because of unmet needs in our lives the attention we get ends up the result of spawning the need for more and more. Our fleshly desires, no matter how innocent or devious, once satisfied craves, more and more, until it’s ok for even our young children to dress provocative. That’s just wrong! When and where does this stop? ~ Pauline Atkinson 

A women doesn’t need to dress that way to get attention a good man will like her.

Shout out to all the men who don’t need to be a stud and naked one to get a woman’s attention. Body has nothing to do with attention – it’s all about being what we all truly are from inside and outside – if men could go naked, women too could go – we should love them for what they are and not how they look. Gender does not define the parameter to get romance, love and attention – it’s about feeling and not body at all – grow and be broad and truly educated. ~ Deepa Dhran 

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