Don’t go into a relationship thinking you are going to change anyone

Don't go into a relationship thinking you are going to change anyone

We can barely change ourselves!

Don’t think you can change him or her. If it’s not what you can tolerate better don’t go into it.

The relationship should be balanced. Each partner should be equal. Give and take. If one partner is allowed to do and say what they want it should be vice versa. They should respect each other and share the same values. ~ Joanne ÞhÍlìþ 

Women marry thinking that they can change the man, men marry thinking that the woman will never change. ~ Nedra Webster 

If you truly love someone, you are more than willing to change for the sake of your relationship and love for him or her. ~ Florita Bie 

If you feel the need of changing the person the way he/she is, it’s not love! Never do anything to others, what you don’t want to be done to you.

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