How to know whether you made a right decision or not?

How to know whether you made a right decision or not?

To have peace in your heart and mind you need to distance yourself from all the negative things.

Be content and thankful and don’t be pulled into the competitive mode. When you compare yourself to others this brings frustration and disappointment. Make a list or post something to be grateful for everyday and you will find peace.We are taught how to compete but not to live peacefully! Pray with a grateful heart for yourself and others. Be at peace and live one day at a time! Peace be with you! ~ Nunez Haydee 

The easiest way to find peace is to be willing to accept things and people exactly as they are. Remove all expectations of what they “should” be. Spiritually, everything is exactly as it is meant to be for the Higher Good and each person is on their own spiritual journey, learning in their own time and in their own way. Do not put pressure on them (even in your heart) for them to be further along on their journey. Acceptance of that which you cannot and should not control is the key to inner peace. ~ Janet Pfeiffer

Be thankful for all your blessings everyday, learn to accept and let go of things you can’t control, keep moving forward, pray everyday for God to guide and lead you 24/7. Trust the unknown future to a known God. ~ Romella Malig 

Sometimes you don’t feel the peace in your heart or mind at all but you know any way you’ve made the right decision. ~ Karolina Swinoga 

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