When you be surrounded by the wrong people

When you be surrounded by the wrong people

“Alone” – never! I have myself and everything around me, inside of me, and memories. Dreams, hopes, and plans! I may appear alone but it is not the case. ~ Kathy Morse

You shouldn’t be too judgmental on people as well unless you will find out that everyone around you is the wrong ones. See and learn to like people for who they are and appreciate their positive parts, not just focus on the negative. ~ Vitchaya Thanarojanawong

Yesterday, standing in line at he pharmacy, a gentleman remarked that my smile must mean things were good with me. I was simply filling my time thinking of my grandmother – we make choices constantly. I choose to remain pleasant and hold to the source who taught me to make choices. Others seem to be drawn to this energy. I am happy to share it. ~ Kathy Morse

I always be alone, I just cry. Lonely, I’m like stand alone, nowhere to run. Sometimes I get depressed, it’s really hard to face challenges when you think no one supported you, but I try to face it, because no one going to help me only God and myself. It’s better to be on my own than with a lot of people you think you have, but at the end, no one there when you need them. That’s the most painful, when you know you alone, but I’m OK, God is there for me no matter what. I take the pain, sooner or later, it healed but I’m thankful, it’s a lesson to learned and I become strong. ~ Otnasnom Chona

I used to be surrounded by people always and felt so alone. I even was called smiley for I masked my loneliness with a smile. Someone spoke a magic word to me and from that day on my smile is genuine, I’ve never been lonely again. Surround yourself with positive people. ~ Dolores Martin

Being alone can mean solitude while being with someone that makes you unhappy may mean loneliness. In that case I would rather be alone and have solitude. ~ Jill Criep

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