When you are richer than you think?

You are richer than you think

Being rich and satisfied is having those things on your last day. We never want our “things” around us. We want those we love around us, for it’s them that make us truly rich indeed. ~ Karen Christina 

Being thankful for what we have whether small or large is important, for it shows we appreciate God’s blessings He bestows upon us. Yet, not all people come from good families, nor do we have them or have we ever had them in our lives to support us. Many times they are the ones who have left deep scars on our hearts and memories, and modeled the path for continued trauma to follow that had been deeply submerged with other undisclosed experiences. Losing everything, I realized, only means that one loses what really was never mine in the first place. Truly, my treasures are not built here on earth, but in heaven where my true Father lives. God has always provided for me, through some miracle, even when betrayed by those who professed their love. I am more blessed and richer than any man of wealth on earth, as my joy is the light that God gifted me to shine for others. I will continue to do so until I go home. ~ Kimberly Lees 

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